The Desire Pendant

It's not just another piece of jewelry.

 It's a touchstone. An amulet. A talisman.

Designed using symbols discovered on historic amulets & talismans created long ago. Our ancient ancestors possessed a knowledge, power and language of symbology that enabled them to create physical touchstones so possessors could obtain what they wanted most in life. Their heart's desires.

Wear something ancient, modern, timeless and featured in VOGUE.

Awaken the hidden springs of your heart with a deep and secret power.

The Desire Pendant was created to bring you the things you've always wondered about, the things you've always wanted. It's designed with words and symbols specifically targeted to obtain the heart's desires.

The Inscription

 Translated from Latin:

 "The owner will possess authentic Love"

 Why Latin? It's Universal. Historic. The founding language of truth.

Why Love?  Universal Love. Agape love. Familial love. Romantic love. 

It's the most powerful force on earth. 

"Awaken the hidden springs of your heart a deep and secret power." 

The power of Love. 

The Symbols 


The arrows represents action & energy to obtain your desires


The people represent you and others in your life and in the world


The letters represent communication channels - the written and spoken word-  to clearly voice your desires and speak your truth about them

 Crown & Scepter

The Crown & Scepter represent your inner strengths and the power within to take action and possession of your desires

Translation of the Symbols

When you clearly communicate your desires, consistently hold the vision and take steady, focused action with integrity, the highest good will come to all concerned - to yourself and to others around you - fueled by the power of love. 

 An amulet.

A talisman.

What's the difference?

Amulets and talismans are often considered interchangeable despite their differences.

An amulet is an object with natural magical properties. Whereas a talisman must be charged with magical powers by its creator. it is this act of consecration or "charging" that gives the talisman its alleged magical powers.

While an amulet can be used for generic purposes such as attracting good luck or averting ill will, a talisman is more focused and purposeful.

Let's define it further

amulet | ˈamyələt | noun   

an ornament or a piece of jewelry thought to bring good luck and/or give protection against danger, evil or disease.

An amulet - is an object typically worn on one's person, alleged to have the magical power to bring luck or protection to its holder – to protect them in general or from some specific thing. 


a talisman |ˈtalismən, -iz-| noun

 an object, typically an inscribed charm, that is thought to have magic or sacramental powers to bring good fortune, good health and also good luck.

A talisman is made for a definite reason with a purpose in mind. The symbolism should be in harmony with the force of attraction. The more specific the symbolism, the easier it is to attract said force. 


  You decide. 

The choice is yours if you prefer to wear The Desire Pendant as an amulet - your personal good luck charm, or as a talisman- infused with personal intentions.

Either way, it's a powerful touchstone.

And really beautiful.

So much so that The Desire Pendant was featured in The International Collections Issue of VOGUE.

Featured in VOGUE

The  International Collections edition of British Vogue

The  International Collections edition of British Vogue

Need help getting clear?

The act of setting intentions and then having them infused into The Desire Pendant allows it to become more than a touchstone. It becomes a tool for manifestation and the fruition of your desires. It allows you to believe in your desires, commit to them and to act upon and participate in receiving them.